Additional Features

I recently revisited the idea of making an app for the run calculator. I still do not know how to make an app, and am not yet willing to pay for the Apple Developer account, so that's a project for a later date. Until then, you can still make a link on your home screen that looks like an app! Here's how:
  1. On your iPhone or iPad, navigate to
  2. Tap the menu icon (with the up arrow) when you are the site
  3. Tap "Add to Home Screen" and you're set. 
You can put it in the same folder as you have Nike+ or MapMyRun if you'd like. See the instructions in picture form in the tweet below:

Apartment Decorations

Track posters from High School and
During High School cross country runners were rewarded for good performances or other acomplismnets once a season with posters. The posters were given to my coach years ago in massive quanitites, so getting rid of them had been his goal from the begining. 

I recieved one fresman year, the first one you get is always the "Champions get back up" poster. The year after I chose the soaring goose. Junior year, the coach didn't like me even though I was doing totally fine. I did not earn a poster, (or an ugly yellow tee shirt either). Senior year I chose spandex girl. There was a different, higly coveted poster, that ran out before I got to pick it that year, but I forget what it was, so clearly it wasn't that important.

Almost all of my race bibs ever.
The numbers are also from every race I remembered to keep it from. I would highly recomend writing the time you ran on the numbers and decorating them further with stickers, wristbands, and ribbons from the race. I'm probably going to go back through the internet and compile all of my times to write them on the bibs.

Anyway, I'm excited to live in my first apartment and will probably continue to add running things to it. No Pre posters though, I'm not a cliché

Retro Run

I showed up just in time to take the picture.
There isn't really a story here. But it's a nice picture. It was a good race with a good crew and we won something (no help to me).

Philadelphia Runner

Minimalist with an obvious P
and subtle R.
During the ODDyssey Half Marathon, another runner was wearing a singlet that said Philadelphia Runner on it. It was black, and had a blue circle on it with an R that could also be a P. It was an awesome singlet, and I wanted it.

I'm not really from Philadelphia, I live an hour away. However I've run at Penn Relays, I've run at a summer camp at Drexel, and I've run multiple races in Philly, I think I count. I went to the store and bought this shirt (although I really wanted that singlet).

It's a Nike shirt with a pocket on the back for keys. The material is warmer than normal dry-fit clothing, but there are holes to keep you cool. As a runner, I'm all about neon green clothes, and it has the same minimalist PR logo as before, another runner "fetish."

All in all, a great buy, and a fun trip to the city too. Parking wasn't horrible, would you have guessed!?

New Twitter Account

Hey all. I've created a Twitter account for this project: @RunCalc. Feel free to follow and retweet me to tell your other runner friends about this pace calculator and to receive updates about any new features. Thanks!

NIRCA Nationals

NIRCA Club nationals was amazing. It was the first time during college I felt like I actually went fast in a race. We saw McFarland and had awesome van rides and took pictures with pillars and made videos for seniors. Wow just great.

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New Shoe Unboxing

Thanks Valley Forge Running Company.
Well here they are folks. I was running on a pair of Mizuno's since winter track last year with easily over 1000 miles on it. Now I don't get injured easily, but they were finally starting to hurt.

I opted to purchase a pair that felt exactly the same as last time. They're light weight and have support so I'm really looking forward to breaking them in before the cross country season during running camp.

These shoes will probably stay with me for the whole year. I know they're only supposed to last for at most 500 miles. But I don't want to keep spending money on shoes, that's not me.

Now all that's left is to smell them.