Wall Girl

I'd like to share a little anecdote about sympathy towards other runners:
The starting line at Lehigh
Chesmont Champion JV Race at Lehigh, about 13 minutes in, the varsity runners were standing around the finish line, waiting to cheer on the team. The girls JV race had gone off 45 minutes ago, and almost all the girls had finished their races.  
Besides one, really determined, exhausted girl, who had probably hurt herself on the course. She hobbled along the final straightaway at a pace that could only loosely be described as jogging, but resembled more of a brisk yet agonizing walk. Her face was wet with both sweat and tears as she lumbered forward. 
As she approached where we were standing, I noticed her uniform said “WALL” a school I had never heard of. 
Finding the situation humorous, I whispered to my friends, “Look’s like she hit the wall!” Of course this was hilarious, and of course, I said it way too loudly. In fact, according to them, I shouted it, loud enough that nearby coaches heard, and probably even the poor girl herself. 
My teammates, knowing better than to laugh at such a horrible thing to say, wore looks of both shock and glee. My friend Sam thought it would be a good idea to hit me, rightfully so, and tell me to apologize. At the pace she was going, I probably could have walked over and done it. Instead I ran away, and most of them followed too, as if they were responsible for what I said.
 We don't know who she was, and we never saw her again.
Now that story makes me look like a horrible person, and it should. I probably forgot about how horrible I was later that same day. I'd be lying if I said I learned something that day too, because I really didn't regret saying it. Looking back now though, I know that I'm capable of saying some pretty horrible things to people who we're already not in a great place, and that has to change. Wow.

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