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The original PaceCalculator
The original website on mobile.
The site only had four options and
was located at the ugliest domain.
Welcome, to Run Calculator, a minimalist running pace calculator for mobile and desktop. All you have to do is select the event, enter your time, and select the split you want to view. The split pace gets shown at the bottom of the page. You can also click on ‘TIME’ to change it to ‘PACE’ so that you can enter the split pace that you want to run, and have your time outputted to the clock. Feel free to share this website with other runners who want an easy way to know their splits at RunCalculator.net. That's all you need to know to use it, feel free to keep reading if you care to glimpse into the technical details and stories from my life.

I first made this website in 10th grade when I was first discovering how to use JavaScript. The whole website used a single function to update everything on the page, and did not use arrays to store all the different events. The result was a really good looking mess. This was also before I learned how to use Bootstrap, so the mobile version of the website was a whole new disaster. I posted that version of the website on a free hosting server that had pop-up ads and a really gross looking domain name. Things were not looking good. I shared it around, but quickly forgot about the website and did not pursue updating it.

Years later, with a more comprehensive understanding of web development, I looked back into it. I figured it was worth buying a domain, and after learning how to use Github's project hosting, it wasn't going to be too difficult or costly to give Run Calculator a proper home. I updated the website, the scripts, and bought a domain, and now there it is online for all to see.

So again, enjoy using it when you need an easy way to see how fast you have to go to hit your goals! And please share with all your friends, I'd really appreciate getting this little tool out there.



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