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I recently posted a link to this project on a running forum on Reddit, and they came back to me with many suggestions.

The biggest new one to me was the addition of a 1K split. I knew that Americans were the only ones to truly want the imperial system, so I knew measuring events in kilometers made sense. I neglected, however, to include enough metric measurements for the splits. It mades sense to me to have 200, 400, and 800 because of tracks, and then the mile for longer distances. I didn't think I would need a 1000 split, mostly because I've only ever run that distance in workouts and wouldn't otherwise measure it. I also added a permanent hour input option. While I did not think I would like the way it looks, I think it is clearly important to have for accuracy purposes.

The next big addition will be custom distance and split inputs. I'm very excited to add those, once I do one the second will be easy.

I'm very excited to have users in other countries and am very happy that some users chose to bookmark the site.

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