Apartment Decorations

Track posters from High School and
During High School cross country runners were rewarded for good performances or other acomplismnets once a season with posters. The posters were given to my coach years ago in massive quanitites, so getting rid of them had been his goal from the begining. 

I recieved one fresman year, the first one you get is always the "Champions get back up" poster. The year after I chose the soaring goose. Junior year, the coach didn't like me even though I was doing totally fine. I did not earn a poster, (or an ugly yellow tee shirt either). Senior year I chose spandex girl. There was a different, higly coveted poster, that ran out before I got to pick it that year, but I forget what it was, so clearly it wasn't that important.

Almost all of my race bibs ever.
The numbers are also from every race I remembered to keep it from. I would highly recomend writing the time you ran on the numbers and decorating them further with stickers, wristbands, and ribbons from the race. I'm probably going to go back through the internet and compile all of my times to write them on the bibs.

Anyway, I'm excited to live in my first apartment and will probably continue to add running things to it. No Pre posters though, I'm not a cliché

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