Blue Mountain Camp

There was a lot of hype for our class at one point.
Blue Mountain Running Camp is, as the name would give away, a camp in the running camp in the poconos. Coming off of freshman year, we decided we were going to take running very seriously, and signing up for a running camp seemed like the best option. We ordered matching tank tops, and prepared by running no more than maybe 15 miles the week before. We headed up in a party bus with high hopes.

Upon arrival we were shuffled into different cabins, there were an odd number of us, and we only were allowed to pick one bunkmate. So we went through the awkward process of openly picking our best friend and finding out who was the loner in the group. Luckily that loner got to stay in the same cabin as two of the other pairs. We picked up our bags, headed over to the boys cabin ring, and found our cabin: Apache.

Party at Apache!
Runs started the next day first thing in the morning after breakfast. There were games to play and places to swim during the day. We ran again in the evening after dinner. After that final run, everyone went to an assembly where, once dismissed we were allowed to go play games. We all ran at least 60 miles that week, which is a weekly distance I still have yet to run again.

Every time we ran, we ran fast. I started the week in group four, then slowly worked my way down to group six and seven. Group seven was led by a counselor who always wore Orange and was called, by campers and staff, Andy Macaroni. He already had enough members in his group, so to let us in my friend and I had to sing. We opted to perform the timeless classic: "My Shoes" written and composed by eighth graders two years prior. We sang.

My shoes!
They give me wings!
So I can fly!
Across the finish line!
And then I see the sign,
to turn left or right
and I turn right
and I win the race!
And when the sun falls,
I feel good about myself!

Andy Macaroni tipped his strangely feathered hat to us and let us in.

Running on the trails was miserable. They were loose gravel trails that were either extremely hilly, or just gradually hilly. The slower groups always tried really hard to catch up to the faster groups who always left to run first, which was a horrible domino effect that made even the slow groups run fast.

Some days we opted to do swimming workouts, but even that wasn't enough for some of us. It was our first time doing two a days, and our first time ever hitting 60 miles in one week. Over half of us returned injured.

The runs were horrible, but the down time was amazing. Our nightly assemblies featured music and talent shows, Olympics wannabees, and conspiracy theorists about "Valley of Pregnant Men" and propylene glycol. There was an uncomfortable dance party, really good food, a game room with unbalanced pool and broken foosball tables. There was ping pong competitions that assholes from Section 5 won, and triathlons, and frisbee and a lot of awful basketball players.

Three out of five stars.

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