Philadelphia Runner

Minimalist with an obvious P
and subtle R.
During the ODDyssey Half Marathon, another runner was wearing a singlet that said Philadelphia Runner on it. It was black, and had a blue circle on it with an R that could also be a P. It was an awesome singlet, and I wanted it.

I'm not really from Philadelphia, I live an hour away. However I've run at Penn Relays, I've run at a summer camp at Drexel, and I've run multiple races in Philly, I think I count. I went to the store and bought this shirt (although I really wanted that singlet).

It's a Nike shirt with a pocket on the back for keys. The material is warmer than normal dry-fit clothing, but there are holes to keep you cool. As a runner, I'm all about neon green clothes, and it has the same minimalist PR logo as before, another runner "fetish."

All in all, a great buy, and a fun trip to the city too. Parking wasn't horrible, would you have guessed!?

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