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Race Across Michigan is an annual relay race event that the Michigan Running Club participates in. Participants raise money leading up to the event, then brace themselves for a day long relay across the entire state. Students rent vans from the university and then drive from exchange zone to exchange zone to get the baton across the whole 182 mile route. Every penny that gets donated goes the Special Olympics in Michgian. I decided I wanted to sign up because I found that I really like volunteering, I love spending downtime doing nothing with groups of people, I could see the state that I go to school in, and I wanted to get to know the team more. I signed up and began begging for money, and being the tech-savvy students we are, we did that entirely through the internet. Here's a pretty persuasive excerpt from my fund raising webpage:
Would you like to donate to the Special Olympics and sponsor me, the Peter James Flanagan, in my attempt to run more than I've ever run before? Then sponsor me and click donate! I will be racing (with a small team) across the WHOLE state of MICHIGAN (not the Upper Peninsula this isn't Canada we're talking about). I will be putting forth an unfathomable amount of effort into every last step in order to shatter my own personal WORLD RECORD! This race is bound to be outlandish, exhausting, and used as a conversation starter for the next several weeks because I don't have much else going on. I promise to not only finish this whole race, but also to think of you, and your kind Special Olympics donation the whole way to the other side. Every penny counts, every step counts, everybody wins.
That was a pretty genuine looking post right? I also had a video clip from Chariots of Fire for an example of what running looks like. I raised $370 of the team's total donation of $17,813 dollars which was well over our goal.

In between the time these two photos were taken the team moved quickly westward across the state. I ran over twenty miles of the relay in four separate legs, including one 11 mile leg. It was the most I had ever run at once and the most I had ever run in 24 hours. The relay was completed in well under the goal time of 24 hours too.

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