Spirit Spoon

Pictured: Greatness.
A true underdog story. Lost and forgotten, this pasta spoon was abandoned without care at a pasta dinner.

Resting there on the side of an empty table, owner miles and miles away, this sad sad spoon was helplessly sentenced to spend the rest of its days in a stranger's pantry, doling out meal after meal to a family that wasn't its own.

Until a hero came along. Me. I claimed this spoon as my own and promised it a new life. One of glory and praise. A spoon that mere teaspoons and soup spoons could only dream of becoming.

That forgotten spoon soon became: The Spirit Spoon.

The Spirit Spoon was spray painted hastily using copious amounts of blue tape and slips of paper. On the cup side, reads the words: "SPIRIT SPOON" in all caps to emphasize the spirit. On the other side reads: "GVXC" so as to delineate between this spoon and other schools and teams that might have created their own ladle of cheer.

The Spirit Spoon accompanied runners to every cross country race that year, and was subsequently passed down from class to class. I can only imagine who is trusted to wield that mighty utensil now, but even if the Spirit Spoon becomes a legend lost on the years below it, it still would have done its duty, and live on in the heart and soul of Great Valley Cross Country history.

Thank you Spirit Spoon. Thank you.

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